Silver Color Talisman Protection Zipper Charm, Tibetan Style Keychain, Chinese Bagua Car Charm - Small (T)

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Silver Talisman Protection Zipper Charm

Keywords: Tibetan Style Keychain, Chinese Bagua Rear View Mirror Charm, Meditation Car Charm, Yoga Accessories

This Zen style accessory item can be used as zipper charm, keychain, car rear-view mirror charm, lanyard, or just simple hanging ornament. They are engraved with the Bagua Talisman with the powerful meaning of protection and luck.



Small: Talisman diameter 0.8 inches, and keychain length 5.5 inches (14 cm)



Steel, strings



The Tibetan Protective Talisman is to provide protection and good fortune for the processor. On this Talisman, there are the 12 Zodiacs and the ancient Chinese symbols which represent the nature and human elements bringing good fortunes and staying away from bad luck. This accessory can be used as a keychain or a lanyard to hang on your backpack. In some Asian countries, this talisman is widely used to boost people’s good fortune.

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