Adjustable Tibetan Buddhist Prayers Sterling Silver Ring, Mens Meditation Ring, Buddhist Symbol Ring (S)

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Adjustable Tibetan Buddhist Prayers Sterling Silver Ring, Buddhist Om Symbol Ring

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This is a new style adjustable sterling silver ring features Buddhist Prayer "Om Mani Padme Hum" in Tibetan characters on the outside. The embossed Powerful Six Symbols in Tibetan Buddhism are: 唵(om)、嘛(ma)、呢(ni)、叭(pad)、咪(me)、吽(hum).

This simply elegant Buddhist Prayers Ring reminds us the key philosophy of Buddhism - All is Void. Humans often get loss in life while putting too much effort on judging others or complaining the surroundings, without realizing the world is just the reflection of what they believe.

Size: (This is not a wedding ring, so you can wear on any finger which fits and looks good)

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Band width: ⅜ inches (10 mm)

Ring Size:
The ring comes in two sizes, and they are adjustable:

Option 1: Medium (USA size 7 - 9)
Finger circumference from 2.12 inches (54mm) - 2.3 inches (59.5mm), Diameter from 17.3mm - 19mm.

Option 2: Large (USA size 10 - 12)
Finger circumference from 2.4 inches (62mm) - 2.65 inches (67mm), Diameter from 19.8mm - 21.4mm.

Do you know your ring size? We strongly advise you to accurately determine your ring size with our "ZentralDesigns Ring Size Chart" prior to place an order to avoid the size trouble and unnecessary cost.

Sterling Silver 925


----- "Om Mani Padme Hum" Buddhist Prayers in Tibetan Buddhism
"Om Mani Padme Hum", The Powerful Six Symbols in Tibetan Buddhism are: 唵(om)、嘛(ma)、呢(ni)、叭(pad)、咪(me)、吽(hum). Buddhists say and repeat out loud or silently to oneself, invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings. They are considered the key of Tibetan Buddhism. and appear in everything related.
----- Buddhist prayers
Buddhism prayer is a spiritual dialogue that help you center yourself mentally and emotionally. As you begin to pray, visualize the beings you mention as happy and peaceful. Envision your thoughts of loving-kindness reaching them, touching them, embracing them and making them well, happy, and peaceful. 
Buddhist prayer is not meant as an offering to Buddha. Rather, it is a way to deepen your own spirituality. You can make up your own specific prayers, and think about your own ways to pray, as there is no wrong way to practice.

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