Bright Happiness Taoist Red Onyx Bracelet

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Bright Happiness Taoist Red Onyx Bracelet

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Red is the color of Fortune, Good Luck, and Happiness in Chinese culture. This Taoist style bracelet use vibrant red onyx to represent the happiness and joy of your wish and your life. The matt quartz bead with the engraving of Taoist symbol of "protection" and Ba Gua symbol. It's a beautiful jewelry with the meaning of protection and fortune.

Red Onyx diameter: 4 mm
Fits wrist circumference: 5.5 - 6 inches (14 - 15 cm) when wrapped
Matt Quartz bead: 12mm
Bagua charm: 10mm

Beads - Red Onyx
Taoist bead - Matt Quartz
Bagua charm - Silver

-----Red Onyx - Protecting and Defending against Negativity
Onyx is known as a protective stone. Red Onyx protects the wearers and keep them away from negativity. It also means to enhance a relationship and to protect the couple. This is also a great gift for your loved one as it shows your willingness to enhance the relationship and to provide the protection. 

-----Taoist and Yin Yang - “After a storm comes a calm.”
The symbol of the Yin Yang consists of a circle divided into black (Yin) and white (Yang) sections by an S-like shape. There is a white dot in the black section while there is a black dot in the white section. In Ancient China, Yin and Yang represent two opposite forces which may be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. Yin Yang indicates a balancing circle of life - with joy and sadness.

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