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Buddha Charm Red Cinnabar Beaded Bracelet (R)

Buddha Charm Red Cinnabar Beaded Bracelet (R)

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Keywords: Meditation Mala Bracelet, Chinese Red Jewelry, Tibetan Buddhism, Healing Jewelry, Buddhist Prayers

This is a vibrant "Chinese Red" bracelet with Gold Flakes Beads and a charm engraved with the Buddhist mentor and the founder of Buddhism - the Buddha.

The calm smile on Buddha's face gives you strength, courage and peace. It represents that the higher wisdom will assist you solving problems and conquering challenges in life.

While Red and Gold are the major colors of Chinese and Tibetan buddhist temples. This bracelet use these two major colors and a engraved charm with Buddhism Sutra.

Please be noted before you buy: Our Cinnabar is Non-toxic Grade A Synthetic Resin-based Cinnabar, which is jewelry industrial standard and required by law. Because natural cinnabar contains toxic mercury pigment, before it can be used in jewelry, it has to be processed using modern technology to replace the toxic pigment while retaining the bright and vivid "Chinese Red" color.

Cinnabar beads diameter: 8 mm (1/4 inch)
Golden beads diameter: 8 mm (3/8 inch)
Buddha charm: 20 mm (3/4 inch)
Fits wrist circumference: 7.5 inches (19 cm)

Red beads and Sutra charm - Cinnabar
Golden beads - Gold flakes beads

-----Cinnabar - boosts energy and maximizes your potential
A powerful transformation crystal. Cinnabar assists you with developing intuition; it increases your mental alertness, ingenuity and creativity. It clears and aligns the blocks that occur in the energy body.
(In the modern jewelry industry, the toxic mercury pigment is replaced by a resin-based polymer that approximates the appearance of the Vermillion color -- Typically known as “Chinese Red”)

-----The Buddha
Gautama Buddha (c. 563 BCE/480 BCE – c. 483 BCE/400 BCE), also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, Śhakyamuni Buddha. Gautama is the primary figure and the founder in Buddhism. He is believed to have lived and taught mostly in the eastern part of ancient India sometime between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE.
He is recognized by Buddhists as an enlightened teacher who attained full Buddhahood, and shared his insights to help sentient beings end rebirth and suffering. Accounts of his life, discourses, and monastic rules are believed by Buddhists to have been summarized after his death and memorized by his followers.


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