Lotus with Buddhist Prayers Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring, Tibetan Buddhism Ring (S)

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Lotus with Buddhist Prayers Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring

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This Buddhist Sutra Ring has a beautiful lotus on the outside of the band, and has the engraved Buddhist Sutra on the inside. The Sutra helps to relieve anxiety and brings peacefulness, objectivity and self acceptance. 

Size: (This is not a wedding ring, so you can wear on any finger which fits and looks good)

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One size (adjustable):
- Circumference of 2.25 inches (57mm), inside diameter 18.2mm, about US size 8
- Band width: approx. 1/4 inch (8 mm)

Sterling Silver 925

Lotus represents purity and it is often associated with Guan Yin, the female Bodhisattva and the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy in East Asia. It's consider one of the Buddhist symbols in Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism.

----- Prayer message in Tibetan Buddhism
As known as "Om Mani Padme Hum", The Powerful Six Symbols in Tibetan Buddhism are: 唵(ong)、嘛(ma)、呢(ni)、叭(bei)、咪(mei)、吽(hong). They are considered the key of Tibetan Buddhism and appear in everything related.

-----The Buddhist Sutra
The Sutra engraved on the ring is the Chinese translation of the original Sutra from Indian Buddhism. It is one of the most essential Buddhist teachings and it inspires followers to pursue the inner peace with the help of the higher wisdom from Buddha.


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