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Tibetan Buddhist Cross Vajra Silk Brocade Shrine Table Cover Altar Cloth, 28”X28”, Yellow or Red

Tibetan Buddhist Cross Vajra Silk Brocade Shrine Table Cover Altar Cloth, 28”X28”, Yellow or Red

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This beautiful Double Dorje / Cross Vajra silk brocade altar cloth is handcrafted in Tibet. It is used in traditional Tibetan Buddhist praying ceremonies or meditation practice.
Perfect for your altar or puja table. It can be used to decorate your meditation room or add an oriental style to any part of your home.
The beauty of Tibetan Buddhist shrines is often enhanced by the use of traditional decorative brocades. It features vibrant vivid colors, symbolizing the radiant nature of an enlightened mind.
(Please note that there may be slight differences in color or pattern, as each brocade is 100% handmade.)

Length 28” (72cm)
Width 28” (72cm)
Thickness 1/8” (0.3cm)

----- Double Dorje/ Crossed Vajra
Vajra, in Sanskrit, has both the meanings of “thunderbolt” and “diamond.” Like the thunderbolt, the vajra cleaves through ignorance. The Thunderbolt was originally the symbol of the Hindu rain god Indra (who became the Buddhist Śakra) and was employed by the 8th-century Tantric (esoteric) master Padmasambhava to conquer the non-Buddhist deities of Tibet.

----- Buddhist prayers
Buddhism prayer is a spiritual dialogue that helps you center yourself mentally and emotionally. As you begin to pray, visualize the beings you mention as happy and peaceful. Envision your thoughts of loving-kindness reaching them, touching them, embracing them, and making them well, happy, and peaceful.
Buddhist prayer is not meant as an offering to Buddha. Rather, it is a way to deepen your own spirituality. You can make up your own specific prayers, and think about your own ways to pray, as there is no wrong way to practice.
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