Vintage Style Embossed Peony Adjustable Silver Ring, Buddhist Sutra Mens Ring (S)

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Vintage Style Embossed Peony Adjustable Silver Ring, Mens Ring, Tibetan Buddhist Prayers

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This is a adjustable sterling silver ring features deep cameo Peony image with great detail and vintage matte finish. Peony ("Mu-dan" in Chinese) also know as "King of flowers" in China, with the meaning of romance, prosperity, energy and good fortune.

It also features the Buddhist Sutra in Chinese elegantly engraved on the inside. The Sutra helps to relieve anxiety and brings peacefulness, objectivity and self acceptance.

This elegant ring will amaze you with the quality, detail and meaning. It reminds us the key philosophy of Buddhism - All is Void. Humans often get loss in life while putting too much effort on judging others or complaining the surroundings, without realizing the world is just the reflection of what they believe.

Size: (This is not a wedding ring, so you can wear on any finger which fits and looks good)

Adjustable size (US size 8-11):
- Circumference of 2.3 inches (60 mm) , about US size 9, Adjustable from size 8 to size 11
- Band width: approx. 3/8 inch (1 cm)

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Silver with vintage style finish


----Peony, the "King of flowers"
Peonies have been grown for thousands of years in China, they are called the "King of Flowers" in China (Chinese name "Mu-Dan"). The meanings of peony include romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion.

-----The Buddhist Sutra
The Heart Sutra engraved on the ring is the Chinese translation of the original Sutra from Indian Buddhism. It is one of the most essential Buddhist teachings and it inspires followers to pursue the inner peace with the help of the higher wisdom from Buddha.

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