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Vintage Tibetan Garuda Bird Adjustable Necklace, Tibetan Buddhism Charm #27 (R)

Vintage Tibetan Garuda Bird Adjustable Necklace, Tibetan Buddhism Charm #27 (R)

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Vintage Tibetan Garuda Bird Necklace, Adjustable Tibetan Buddhism Charm Necklace #27

Keywords: Tibetan Buddhism Garuda Symbol, Rear View Mirror Charm, Meditation Car Charm, Vintage Charm

This pendant features a typical symbol of Tibetan Buddhism -- Garuda, the bird symbol which helps enhance the feeling of freedom and wisdom during meditation.

It also helps strengthen your energy and clear your mind on decision-making. This Garuda Necklace can be used as a car rear-view mirror charm, a lanyard, or just a simple hanging ornament.

Pendant 1" (2.7 cm) wide, 1-1/2" (4cm) high, and adjustable leather string (maximum circumference 32 inches)

Brass and Leather String

Garuda------ The symbol of freedom
The Garuda is one of the typical symbols in Tibetan Buddhism. It is daring and fearless and abides in the north. With great strength and power, it soars beyond without holding back. It symbolizes freedom from hopes and fears, the vast mind without a reference point. It is a powerful antidote to the negative influences of Nagas (spirits) which can cause disease and all kinds of harm. Associations: main quality is wisdom, dominance over the sky, and the fire element.

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